Ephedra Nevadensis 10/50/100/250/500 Seeds, Gray Nevada Jointfir Mormon Tea Shrub

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Ephedra nevadensis
Also known as: Nevada ephedra, gray Ephedra, Mormon tea and Nevada jointfir

An evergreen perennial leafless shrub growing to 1.2 m (4ft), native to dry areas of western North America. It is found in rocky and sandy soils, generally in areas without trees.

Medicinally its been used by indigenous people for sexually transmitted diseases, colds, kidney disorders, syphilis and other conditions. It is also boiled and used for a tea-like beverage, the stems & fruits can be eaten raw and the seeds can be made into bread or edible mush. Currently, its biggest use is as forage for sheep and cattle (it is not as good for horses), and for habitat restoration. It's also grown for ornamental purposes.

Plant prefers full sun and alkaline, dry to mesic soils. Probably best to pot up to bigger pots and grow out for a year or two before transplanting to landscape. It is wind-pollinated, with male plants growing in dryer areas and female plants growing in wetter ones. Relativity maintenance free. Hardy to USDA zones 6 to 12

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