Grewia Villosa Shrub 5 Seeds, Endangered Medicinal Mallow Raisin

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Grewia Villosa
Also known as: The Mallow Raisin

This species is locally endangered in some parts of its distribution. It is said to be last seen in Kenya and Ein Gedi Oasis along the Dead Sea in Israel and is close to extinction.

Heavily branched deciduous shrub which is covered in yellowish silky hairs, can grow up to 3 meters tall. The leaves are almost round and are up to 12cm long. They are thickly textured grey green and hairy. Flowers are small but found in clusters, and the fruits are edible.

For medicinal uses the bark is said to be crushed and infused to help treat boils, abscesses, and swelling. The root also has been used for abdominal pain, cancer of the breast and prostate glands.
The leaves are very palatable to livestock, making it a good fodder.

Tolerates very high temperatures, and drought conditions. Said to be sub-tropical taking temperatures into the 30's F, for short periods of time. Very slow growing.

Overall a beautiful shrub, deserving attention to its rapidly declining numbers.

This offer is for 5 seeds.