Hedychium Deceptum (Rubrum) 8 Seeds, Cold Hardy Red Ginger Lily

The Plant Attraction


Hedychium Deceptum formally (rubrum)
Also known as: Red Ginger Lily

Red Ginger Lily is a very uncommon ginger with beautiful bright red flowers. In form, the flowers look similar to those of Butterfly Ginger Lily. It has similar shaped flowers to Hedychium greenii but is not closely related. The differences though are many. They have long spike with red bracts, which alone makes it attractive. It has many more flowers per stem than H. greenii and is also a fertile species. The plant grows up to 1.2 m tall. It is native to NE India from which this seed harvest was imported from. It does best in a bright shade to medium sun area. Hardy in Zone 8 and above.

This offer is for 8 seeds.