Hibiscus Radiatus 15 Seeds, Monarch Rosemallow, Medicinal Perennial Herb Garden Flowers

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Hibiscus Radiatus
Also known as: The Monarch Rosemallow, and October Rose

This beautiful Asian Hibiscus can grow 4'-10' and be covered in deep Magenta velvet colored blooms that really stand out from late summer through fall! If you like Hibiscus, this is one for your collection.....
A perennial in zones 9-11 but an annual in other zones as it grows from seed to a large bush and blossoms in one season. In late fall the palmate leaves will often turn a red-gold color, providing additional interest.
The seed pods do have small prickles that can get under the skin and can become irritating. The plant will freely self sow and reproduces well.
Very often it is grown as a medicinal or vegetable herb.
Over all easy plant that takes full sun to light shade, butterflies and birds just love them. It is quite drought tolerant once established. Suitable for container planting as well.

This offer is for 15 seeds.