Lantana Camara 30 Seeds, Shrub Verbena Flowering Perennial Houseplant

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Lantana Camara
Also known as: Shrub Verbena

A small perennial evergreen shrub which can grow to around 3-4 feet tall and form dense thickets in a variety of environments including drought, different soil types, heat, humidity and salt. It will begin flowering in midsummer and continues to bloom through late fall.
Flowers come in many different colors including red, yellow, white, pink and orange which differ depending on location in inflorescence, age, and maturity and will continue to change color after pollination occurs. The flowers do have a tutti frutti smell with a pepper undertone and attracts butterflies!
Plant stalks have been used in the construction of furniture, such as chairs and tables. However, the main uses have historically been medicinal and ornamental.

Plant in an area that receives six to eight hours of sun daily. Use well drained soil amended with 2 inches of compost, or grow in a planter in a full sun location. USDA zone 9-11, although the plant may die back to the roots each winter. It also grows well as an annual in cooler climates or overwintered indoors as a houseplant.

**Known to be toxic to livestock such as cattle, sheep, horses, dogs and goats. The toxicity to humans is undetermined. Some studies have found evidence which suggests that ingestion of L. camara fruit poses no risk to humans and are in fact edible when ripe.

This offer is for 30 seeds.