Linum Grandiflorum Rubrum 1 Gram (Approx. 275) Seeds, Scarlet Flax Flowers

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Linum Grandiflorum Rubrum
Also known as: Scarlet Flax, Flowering Flax

One of the most beautiful of all Flaxes, native to North Africa. It's a graceful, erect, branching annual boasting a profusion of saucer-shaped, dark-eyed, silky sheen scarlet flowers 1.5"across. Blooms for an extended period, blooming from summer into the fall, and is deer resistant. Grows 12-24" tall and 6-12" wide and self sows without becoming a pest. The flowers will attract plenty of butterflies and pollinators.

Makes good cut flowers and can be container grown. Thrives in full sun, and drought tolerant once established. Moderately fertile, humus rich medium moisture, well draining soils. No serious insect or disease issues. You can prevent slug and snail damage by sprinkling some diatomaceous earth or crushed eggshells on the soil surrounding the plants.

This offer is for 1 gram (approximately 275) seeds.