Musa Balbisiana Atia Black 10 Seeds, Cold Hardy Thai Banana Garden Fruit Tree

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Musa Balbisiana Atia Black
Synonym: Musa 'Thai Black', Musa balbisiana 'black', Musa balbisiana 'Thai Black'

This variety has much darker ornamental stems when mature and with its dark green leaves plus fast growth rate it makes an excellent ornamental from seed. When exposed to sunlight the stems darken even more. Leaves and pseudostem are thinner than other Musa varieties. It produces large fruits but are full of seeds. Plant in an area where it will be sort of protected from wind. Quite a tall plant to 18ft but can be cut back to over winter under glass. It can be grown in a container where growth will be limited by container size. Quite a tough banana possibly one of the most cold-hardy, probably down to 15F degrees if mulched heavy.

This offer here is for 10 seeds.