Musa Flaviflora 5 Seeds, Wild Northeastern Indian Banana

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Musa Flaviflora

This species of banana grows wildly in small pockets of the northeastern parts of India in the wet evergreen forests and is rather rare. It does flower and produce fruits throughout the year in its native land. Once been considered synonymous with Musa thomsonii, but a study has since shown that although similar they are distinct species. Where as it shows that the pseudostem only grows to about 1.8-2.1 meters tall, with a mature circumference of 20-30cm at the base. It is green in color with small black blotches, and waxy in nature towards the upper portion. The bract color is adaxially red and abaxially cream with a pink tinge. Male buds are degenerating before the maturity of the fruits.

Should be grown in sheltered spots with full to partial sun with good levels of warmth. USDA zone is unknown to us.
NOTE: As with all Musa, germination times vary from 3 months to 9 months. Not all will come up at the same time.

This offer is for 5 seeds.