Musa Ochracea 8 Seeds, Rare Asian Banana Fruit Tree

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Musa Ochracea

Here is great find for all the rare plant enthusiasts! It's been rediscovered after a lapse of about half a century from its native land in North-East India. It is very common in the states of Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.
Unlike other Musa species, the pseudostem is painted in straw yellow and has a highly wrinkled winged base of the petiole. It is 1.9–3 m high, with a circumference of 40–46 cm at the base. The deep purple to brown colored bloom can occur in any season depending on size of plant and climate. The sweet fruit bunch is compact, 12–15 per hand, in two rows, 10.5–11.5 cm long. Distinctive features are also the much finer 3mm seeds.
Suitable in 3 gallon or larger containers for those in real cold climates, but needs excellent drainage. USDA zone 9-11.

This offer is for 8 seeds.