Musa Sikkimensis Red Tiger 10 Seeds, Cold Hardy Darjeeling Banana Tree, Sikkim Banana

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Musa Sikkimensis Red Tiger
Also known as: Darjeeling banana, Sikkim banana

This cold hardy ornamental banana is a must for your garden if you're seeking a tropical look. It is one of the highest altitude banana species and is found in Bhutan and India. It occurs at the foot of the Himalayas to an altitude of 2000 meters in the Sikkem area where it snows with freezing temperatures.
The plant is robust and about 4 m tall with a yellowish-green foliage and reddish tinged thick pseudostem. The sheath is smudged with blackish-brown and is without wax when mature. The gorgeous leaves are a discolored burgundy on the underside and on the top remains deep green with a tiger print. The leaves are stronger than those of other species and better resistant to the wind. It can be container grown and a great element to patios and porches.

Seed germination can be extremely slow as with all Musa and it takes three years for it to flower at the earliest. The fruit is edible but isn't the most pleasing to the palate. It prefers full to partial sun and can tolerate some shade. Rich clay, loamy or sandy soil with a pH range of 5.5 to 8.
If this banana is allowed to overwinter outdoors, properly cover the soil around the base with a layer of thick mulch so that the frost can not affect the roots. The trunk will completely freeze and come back in the spring if the frost does not get too deep into the ground. USDA zone 5-9.

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