Musa Thomsonii 10 Seeds, Edible Himalayan Banana Fruit Tree

The Plant Attraction


Musa Thomsonii

Green narrow pseudostems grow about 9-12 feet (3-4 meters) if grown as a specimen plant outdoors and about 4-8 feet as a potted plant. Long, slender green new leaves often have a red flush on the reverse side.
Intense red flower bracts can occur in any season depending on size of plant and climate, and are followed by sweet fruit that will contain small 3.25mm seeds (Unlike commercial hybrid bananas found in the supermarket).
Once mature, it can be grown in a 3 gallon container or larger. This is one of very few types grown in Northern India and the Himalayas.
USDA zone 8+, some report they survive in zone 7b.
NOTE: Germination times vary from 3 months to 9 months. Not all will come up at the same time.

This offer is for 10 seeds.