Musa Velutina Hairy Pink Ornamental Banana Fruits 10 Seeds, Hardy

The Plant Attraction


Musa Velutina
Also known as: Hairy Banana, Pink Banana

Everyone should have pink bananas to show off!
This fun plant flowers at a young age and should do so within a year. Generally reaching a manageable 3-6’ tall and rarely exceeding 8' tall. Suitable for growing in a large container making it a great conversational ornamental. It produces copious hot pink flower stalks near the top of the trunk starting in late summer. They are soon followed by attractive clusters of seeded bananas that are 3" (8 cm) long, velvety pink, and peel themselves when ripe. They are sweet and tasty but the hard seeds can get in the way.

As with all Ensete and Musa seeds, patience is needed and can take 6-12 months to germinate. Plants may be placed outside during warmer months but should be taken in to a conservatory or greenhouse and protected in winter. Once established, it seems to be quite winter hardy as long as they are grown in full sun. Until well established, a cage of shredded leaves around the trunk in the winter months should do the trick. It remains an evergreen in frost free zones.
USDA zones 7b-11

This offer is for 10 seeds.