Sesbania Bispinosa 20 Seeds Edible Multi-Purpose Shrub Prickly Seban

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Sesbania bispinosa
Also known as: Prickly Seban, Sesbania aculeata (Willd.)

A multi-purpose annual/biennial small shrub native to Asia and North Africa. Fast growing to about 2-7m tall and can fix nitrogen. It has fibrous stems, long leaves, and purple-spotted yellow flowers. It can either be branched and spreading or tall and straight.

The flowers are eaten as vegetables. Mature seeds can also be cooked. When mixed with flour, the seeds are used to treat ringworm and other skin diseases and worms. Meanwhile, leaves and flowers are used in the treatment of inflammations, bacterial infections, and tumors. Further, the plant has other great uses such as green manure and fodder, industrial hemp, natural gum, and firewood.

Suitable for: light (sandy), medium (loamy), heavy (clay) and nutritionally poor soils. It can grow in very acid, very alkaline and saline soils. It cannot grow in the shade. It prefers moist or wet soil but can also tolerate drought. USDA zone 10

This offer is for 20 seeds.