Solanum Virginianum 25 Seeds, Small Shrub Surattense Medicinal Yellow-Fruit Nightshade Plant

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Solanum virginianum
Also known as: Surattense nightshade, yellow-fruit nightshade, Thorny Nightshade

A very prickly herbaceous perennial herb ranging from E. Asia - Afghanistan, Indian subcontinent, southern China, southern Japan, through tropical Asia to the Pacific Islands. It's an erect or creeping small shrub, sometimes with a woody base that will grow to about 50-70 cm tall.
The whole plant is used in preparation of various medicines for the treatment of epilepsy, pain relief, headache, migraine, hair loss, bronchial asthma, skin problems, cough, anorexia, tuberculosis and other diseases to name a few. Solasodine can be extracted from the fruits, and is a source of raw material for hormone synthesis.

Not to be confused with Thai eggplant, which are edible varieties of the eggplant species Solanum melongena. Even though it has edible fruits that are essential in Thai cuisine, the fruit is poisonous if not prepared properly for consumption.
Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally.
Further research is needed for additional benefits, dosages, safety, side effects, and food preparation.
Cold hardiness is unknown to us but we doubt it can handle frost or freezing temperatures.

This offer is for 25 seeds.