Vicia Villosa 1oz (500) Seeds, Inoculated Hairy Vetch Nitrogen Fixing Cover Crop

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Vicia Villosa
Also known as: Hairy Vetch

Those desiring high nitrogen-fixing legumes for green manure, cover crop, high protein forage grazing, wildlife and pollinator attractants should find Hairy Vetch an improved option over other legumes that lack cold tolerance. It is capable of accumulating large amounts of dry matter and nitrogen. When planted alone as a winter cover crop in annual vegetable rotations, it can provide substantial amounts of nitrogen to a following crop. It also offers excellent weed suppression, and erosion control. It is used as a self-seeding cover in orchards, usually as part of a mix. It also has been used in vineyards, but is more likely to climb trellises than common vetch.

Hairy vetch seeds can be planted in soils with pH ranging from 4.9 to 8.2, but does best when pH is from 6.0 to 7.0. It can thrive in acid soils where clover and alfalfa do not grow well. Hairy vetch does best on sandy or sandy loam soils but grows on most soil types if drainage is good. It tolerates some temporary flooding. Can withstand being flooded for long periods of time; however, stand quality and growth generally decline if there are long periods of flooding or saturated soils. It is somewhat shade tolerant and more drought resistant than the other vetches.

Hairy vetch tolerates cold well and is more winter-hardy than common vetch. If well established in fall, it tolerates frozen soils, remaining dormant until spring. Warm spring temperatures bring rapid growth. Zone 4 and into Zone 3 (with snow cover).

*This seed is inoculated with Rhizobium strains*

This offer is for 1oz (approximately 500) inoculated seeds.