Weigela Florida Seeds, Old Fashioned Weigela, Hardy Garden Ornamental Shrub Bush

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Weigela Florida
Also known as: The Old Fashioned Weigela

Weigela is a deciduous shrub and a very attractive plant when in full bloom. Flowers will adorn the ends of the long stems and will range from white, soft pink, to dark vivid magenta. The flower show is long lasting and the plant usually blooms from May to June, and will also rebloom during the summer. It has very attractive textured foliage making it a beautiful plant to be used as a focal point in the landscape. This plant can be used as an accent, border, hedge, and for massing. If attracting hummingbirds is a desire, plant a Weigela, they are drawn to the tubular flowers.

Weigela grows best in full sun to light shaded areas, is very hardy to zone 5 and has few pests to contend with. The Weigela is a low maintenance plant which requires some pruning to keep the plant from becoming scraggly. It can grow 6'-9' feet tall and 9'-12' feet wide. There is usually some annual die back because of winter injury which will need to be pruned off for a more attractive plant. Weigela is tolerant of urban settings and urban pollution. Native to Japan and Asia.

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