Wisteria Sinensis 6 Seeds, Fragrant Flowering Hardy Chinese Climber Vine Bonsai Tree

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Wisteria Sinensis
Also known as: Chinese wisteria

This has become one of the most popular vines for home gardens due to its flowering and intoxicating fragrance. It is a woody, deciduous, perennial native to China. Its cascading flower clusters grow to about 1 foot in length and are borne in abundance in late spring. Hummingbirds just love them! Flowers are followed by attractive, velvety, bean like pods 6 inches long, which ripen in fall and persist into winter. Its growth rate is fast and can spread to over 30 feet. It will need strong support and is perfect for covering walls, patios, arbors or fences. While this plant is a climbing vine, growth can be restricted to a few limbs and can be trained into a tree-like shape, usually with a wavy trunk and a flattened top. An excellent choice to be container grown or a bonsai specimen.

All parts of the plant contain a glycoside called wisterin which is toxic if ingested and may cause nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, and diarrhea. It is deer resistant.

It prefers moist but well drained rich soils. It is considered shade tolerant, but will flower only when exposed to partial or full sun. Choose growing sites wisely because plants dislike being transplanted. Prune as needed when growth is active, but ideally in early, mid and late summer. Early blooms can be damaged by freezing temperatures.
USDA zone 5-9.

This offer is for 6 seeds.