Iris Domestica / Belamcanda Chinensis 20/150/500 Seeds, Blackberry or Leopard Lily

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Iris Domestica / Belamcanda Chinensis
Also known as: Blackberry Lily, Leopard Lily 

In 2005, based on molecular DNA sequence evidence, Belamcanda Chinensis, the sole species in the genus Belamcanda, was transferred to the genus Iris and renamed Iris Domestica.

This uncommon hardy perennial from China is grown for its unusual black berries that form in clusters when its seed pods split open. They are fascinating to behold in the garden and often brought indoors for arrangements. It has fan shaped, Gladiolus-like leaves that grow up to 3 feet tall. The beautiful 2 inch, leopard spotted flowers are very eye catching with the combination of colors, and can bloom from summer to early fall. The flowers are birthed in the morning and live for one day only, drying up into twisty strands that eventually give way to the heavy pods. When the pods mature, they split open to reveal the seeds that resemble a blackberry but do not taste like them. Caution berries are said to have low toxicity if eaten. Germination of these seeds can take up to 6 weeks.

The bright golden root is harvested and dried to make herbal medicine. It has long been used in East Asia to treat throat troubles, asthma, swollen liver and spleen, gonorrhea, malaria, and arrow poisoning. The herb is a principal ingredient in a lung support formula to reduce inflammation (heat) and fight viral infection.

Plant prefers moist soil but drought tolerant and full sun to part shade. Space 1 to 2 feet apart. Does well potted and often found blanketing hillsides. Perfect plant to fill in landscaping beds or around the base of trees.
Hardy down to zero degrees F or USDA zone 5
Deer resistant.

Choose from packs of 20, 150 or 500 seeds.