Lawsonia Inermis 200 -1000+ Seeds, Henna Tattoos / Hair Dye, L. Alba Fragrant Tree Shrub

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Lawsonia inermis
Also known as: Henna, L. Alba, Tree Mignonette, Egyptian Privet

Well known for more than 5,000 years for its dye used in hair coloring and non-permanent tattoos, as well as a medicine, preservative, and cosmetics. This North African evergreen plant, also found in Southern Asia and Northern Australia, usually grows into a small ornamental tree but it can be kept small container grown and shrub-like with pruning. Small fragrant white or rose colored flowers appear from spring to fall. 

The paste from ground up leaves are the source of the red-brown dye widely used for beautiful body art, hair, fingernails, leather, silk and wool.
An essential oil obtained from the flowers and fruits have a lilac scent and is used in perfume. The root is used as abortifacient, to treat leprosy, skin diseases, dysmenorrhoea and premature greying of hair. The leaves are used as an astringent or as a prophylactic against skin diseases and the bark is useful in the treatment of jaundice, enlargement of the spleen, calculus affection and skin diseases. This is for information only and The Plant Attraction is not responsible for any use. Further research should be done for side effects and consulted with a professional.

It is drought tolerant and prefers well drained soils to prevent root rot and diseases. It also prefers to be grown in full sun and warm temperatures (USDA zone 9b-11). If kept too cool, especially during the winter months, it will become deciduous and drop its leaves, but with increased light and warmth new leaves will form and it begins its growth cycle all over again. Mature plants are spiny, so do not plant them where there will be heavy foot traffic.

Choose from 3 different offers in this listing:
200+ (approximate) very small seeds (1 seed pack as shown in the last photo)
600+ (approximate) very small seeds (3 seed packs as shown in the last photo)
1,000+ (approximate) very small seeds (5 seed packs as shown in the last photo)