Sophora Flavescens 25/100/500 Seeds, Chinese Dwarf Medicinal Herb Shrub Bush

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Sophora Flavescens

Here is an odd herbaceous member of the pea family in a genus that is typically known for its trees. In habit, Sophora flavescens resembles an indigofera, with 3' tall arching stalks clothed in dark green pinnate foliage. The stalks are adorned with 10" long, branched terminal spikes of creamy flowers in May and June (longer in the Pacific Northwest, where the plant can reach 6' in height). Makes a wonderful textural filler, due to its somewhat open habit. Zones: 5a to 8b

Herbal powder derived from the root of the plant, has a long history of medicinal use in China, where it is still used to help treat a wide range of maladies including but not limited to psoriasis, dysentery, edema, viral hepatitis and eczema. It has also been used for hair loss and reducing the toxicity and adverse effects caused by chemotherapy. It is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. Facts have justified that this is an herb with tons of health benefits.

However, it is classified as a poisonous plant in the database of China Botanical Illustration. Both seeds and roots are considered toxic (poisonous). Poisoning is mainly related to the nervous system and symptoms include salivation, rapid breathing, accelerated pulse, gait instability, convulsions, and even death due to respiratory depression in severe cases. So, small dosage is highly recommended since too large of a dose of this herb may lead to unexpected adverse reactions. Please seek a professional if considering to use this plant medicinally. We are only providing information and cannot be held responsible for medicinal use.

Choose from packs of 25, 100, and 500 seeds.