Chasmanthe Aethiopica 8 Seeds, Lesser Cobra Lily African Perennial Plant

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Chasmanthe Aethiopica
Also known as: Lesser Cobra Lily

A beautiful herbaceous perennial from the iris family Iridaceae. The Cobra Lily grows in clumps of pale green leaves 40 – 60 cm tall, and will spread naturally once established, from cormlets around the base of the parent plant. Each flowering spike has a double row of deep orange tubular flowers that come out in late spring and early summer that curve outwards, leaning almost perpendicular to the stem. It produces well when it is not pruned or moved.
This plant does particularly well in soils that have a good drainage system or clay type soils. They should be kept dry (as far as possible) during the winter dormant stage.
This is a tender to half-hardly plant originating from the western cape in South Africa, needing temperatures greater than -5°C (not much below freezing). So best to grow in sunny or partially shaded pots or a place in the garden where they can be protected.
For gardeners, its early flowering and ease of cultivation make it a very worthwhile plant.

This offer is for 8 seeds.