Chionanthus Retusus 10 Seeds, Flowering Chinese Fringe Tree, Bonsai

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Chionanthus Retusus
Also known as: Chinese Fringe tree

This beautiful tree is native to China, Korea and Japan and is very similar to the native U.S. species (C. virginicus). For this reason, we have sourced this particular seed directly from Asia, so there is no confusion. 
It tends to be slow growing and will usually only reach a mature height of about 20 feet, with up to a 15-foot spread. This Chinese version is more tree-like and graceful than its straggly American cousin, C. virginicus, and is overall a tidier and tougher plant. It is much more tolerant to drought. It will also fruit solo, which the North American native will not do.

Fringe trees lose their leaves in the winter, but in late spring your tree's glossy green leaves will return. Delicate, lightly fragrant white flowers cover these trees for about two weeks during the spring. Native and pygmy fringe trees flower before new leaves emerge in spring, while Chinese fringe tree blooms at the end of the spring growth flush. In late summer and early fall, they will produce an olive-like fruit that is not edible to humans but is highly attractive to birds.

It is ideal for planting in urban areas due to their pollution tolerance and ability to adapt to a range of soil types. They are are not ideal for the coast however, as they are not salt tolerant. These trees rarely need pruning thanks to a naturally strong branch structure. While they are young, you can prune it to a single trunk or a standard multi-trunked form. 
They do not transplant well, so keep this in mind when you are selecting a planting site for your tree. The foliage will look best when the tree is grown in some shade, but flowering will be best in full sun areas. The ideal location for this species is an area where it will receive sunlight through most of the day and some shade during the afternoon. Once established, they require very little maintenance. USDA zone 5-9.

This offer is for 10 seeds.