Acacia Holosericea Shrub 20 Seeds Soapbush Strap Candelabra Silver Wattle

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Acacia holosericea
Also known as: Soapbush, Strap Wattle, Silver Silky Wattle, Candelabra Wattle

Here is a nitrogen fixing species native to tropical and inland northern Australia that is becoming popular for planting in towns and for roadside windbreaks. The silvery foliage, early appearance of its yellow cattail-like flower spikes and prominent twisted pods make it an attractive ornamental shrub. It will attain an average height of 3-8 meters, with numerous branches beginning from the base, giving it a multi-stemmed appearance. The flowers are pollinated by Insects.

The soft leaves can be used as bush soap, producing a soapy form when rubbed in water. The bark is smooth and green on a young plant. The bark of all Acacia species contains greater or lesser quantities of tannins and are astringent. Astringents are often used medicinally - taken internally, for example they are used in the treatment of Diarrhea and dysentery, and can also be helpful in cases of internal bleeding. Applied externally, often as a wash, they are used to treat wounds and other skin problems, hemorrhoid's, perspiring feet, some eye problems, as a mouth wash etc. Many Acacia trees also yield quantities of a gum from the trunk and stems.
The seeds are edible and highly nutritious as a fairly major part of the diet. They can be roasted or ground to make a flour base. Not all species of Acacia are edible so care should be taken.

Responds to sunny, reasonably well drained positions in most soils. Once established it can tolerate drought. Prune regularly to maintain rounded shape. USDA hardiness zones 10-12.

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