Bauhinia Purpurea 10/100 Seeds, Pink/Purple Orchid Flowering Tree Camel's Foot

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Bauhinia Purpurea

Also known as: the Orchid Tree, Camel's Foot

Here is another eye catcher native to South China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia!
 Staggeringly beautiful when in bloom, and it blooms for several months. The purple, pink, and lavender petals arranged closely resemble an orchid, though it's not related to the 'orchid' at all, can grow to 5 inches wide. This tree can grow 20'-40' tall and 10'-20' wide. Leaves that are shaped like cow hooves are 4-6" big, hence the name Camel's Foot.

Full sun to light shade, zones 9-11
This tree usually will survive light freezes down to 22F (after dropping it's leaves), but will stay shrub-like where it's subjected to frost and freezing temperatures. Water freely during the summer, and less so in the winter.

Choose from packs of 10 or 100 seeds.