Brachychiton Populneus 5 Seeds, Kurrajong Bottle Tree, Australian Flowering Edible Ornamental, Fodder

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Brachychiton Populneus
Also known as: The Kurrajong Bottle Tree
(formerly Sterculia Diversifolia)

Bring a little bit of the outback to your yard by growing this beautiful ornamental tree that is native to Eastern Australia. The summer time bell-shaped flowers form in large clusters and are pink to white blotched with red on the inside. Seeds are born within woody, boat-shaped fruit 1-7 cm long and are surrounded by fine hairs that can cause skin and eye irritation. Irritant hairs have been removed from the seeds we offer for germination. It can grow to a mature height of 35'-45', and some records as tall as 60'. Excellent street tree or around pools and ponds for shade. Also is known to be a great container plant for indoors or the patio as well.
The stout trunk tapers like a bottle and is a water storage device for survival in dryer climates while it is young making it drought tolerant, and tends to lose its bottle shape as it gets older.

This species has multiple uses. The seeds can be roasted and eaten. The bark can be turned into a tough durable fiber, and the spongy wood has a soft light attractive grain which is used to make many items . The leaves are also used as emergency fodder for drought-affected animal stock.
Frost tolerant, USDA zones 9-11.

This offer is for 5 seeds.