Bombax Ceiba Tree 20/80/350/800 Seeds , Edible Red Silk Cotton, Deciduous Kapok

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Bombax Ceiba Tree
Also known as: Red Silk Cotton, Kapok

A unique tree that has a bulbous trunk & can grow over 40' tall & wide. The flowers are red in color and appear in the late fall after the leaves fall off the tree for the winter. The phenomenon paints the whole landscape in an enchanting red hue. The seed pods are filled with silky white threads "kapok" that give this tree its Silk Cotton name. This substance is used for filling economically priced pillows, quilts, sofas etc. The fruit is cooked and eaten and also pickled. The fruit, the size of a ping-pong ball, on maturity appears during March and April.

Deciduous. Cold hardy to 25 degrees once established.

Bombax, native to India, tropical southern Asia, northern Australia and tropical Africa.

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