Hermannia Stricta 8 Seeds, The South African Desert Rose Perennial Garden Shrub

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Hermannia Stricta
Also known as: The Desert Rose

Hermannia is a genus of small shrubs with little porcelain bells of the South African veld. Very attractive perennial when in full bloom. Flowers are drooping, dark pink with the petals spirally overlapping and flaring out in an open trumpet. When not in flower it appears woody with a dark grey bark. It will grow a thick stem and root, forming an underground stem, which enables the plants to survive dry periods and fires. It will grow to almost 3 feet tall.
Distribution: Northern and Western Cape and Namibia.

It prefers full sun, and even though it is drought tolerant, it will flower abundantly if watered well. Good drainage is essential though, and worth growing as a potted plant. This species is not frost hardy, and will need to be protected.

This offer is for 8 small seeds.