Triplaris Cumingiana 5 Seeds, Rare Tropical Long John or Ant Tree

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Triplaris Cumingiana
Also known as: The Long John or the Ant Tree.

This extremely attractive tree is a native to Central America and tropical South America. It is sometimes called the Ant Tree, because in its native habitat, its hollow branches are inhabited by stinging ants which protect the tree from herbivores. This tree can attain a height of 50-70′ with an oblong canopy that remains narrow. The bark peels off in patches, giving it a smooth blotchy trunk. This tree is dioecious, meaning there are male and female plants. The blossoms of the female tree are more deeply colored than the male tree, and produce nut like seeds attached to three brilliant red 2″ long propeller like wings, that are wind dispersed, fluttering down like tiny helicopters. They flower in the dry season from November to early spring. USDA zones 10 and above.

This offer is for 5 seeds.