Illicium Verum 20 Seeds, Fragrant Chinese Star Anise Shrub Tree Badian Spice

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Illicium verum
Also known as: Chinese Star Anise, badian

This Illicium verum species is not toxic. However, other related species from Japan are toxic. We have imported these seeds directly from China to ensure the correct species!

It is a medium-sized evergreen shrub/tree native to northeast Vietnam and southwest China. It produces a very popular highly fragrant oil & spice used in cooking, perfumery, soaps, toothpastes, mouthwashes, homemade pesticides and skin creams. It also has amazing health benefits. It's one of the main ingredients in Vietnamese pho soup. Flavors of licorice mixed with cinnamon and clove are the hallmark of this sweet-savory spice.

When grown in the ground, it has the potential of reaching 26 feet in height and a spread of around 10 feet. It makes a wonderful focal plant although some gardeners prefer to grow it as a hedge. It has large green leaves and beautiful white/pale yellow flowers. The star-shaped fruit are picked green and sun dried until their color changes to reddish-brown and the inner seeds fall out. It wants full sun to partial shade and is happy with just about any soil type with consistent moisture. It can be grown in a large pot in northern zones and allowed to summer outside. USDA zone 8+

This offer is for 20 seeds.