Melia Azedarach Tree 10/25/50/100 Seeds Persian LILAC Fragrant Garden

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Melia Azedarach
Also known as: The Chinaberry, Persian lilac, and the Pride-of-India.

A fast-growing tree, with a rounded crown that reaches about 50 ft tall with a 20 ft spread. In spring and early summer, Chinaberry produces masses of lavender, very fragrant, star shaped flowers, each about 3/4" in diameter, that arch or droop in 8" panicles. They are followed by clusters of spherical, yellow fruits that are about 3/4". Native originally to northern India, China and the Himalayas. Chinaberry is planted widely in warm climates as an ornamental and shade tree. Grows well in partial shade to full sun and can tolerate drought. Grows in USDA zones 7-10 and can handle light frost. All parts of Chinaberry tree are poisonous so just be careful.

The shiny, hard seeds are used as beads and for rosaries. Extracts from the bark and fruit have pharmacological properties and are used in China to kill parasitic roundworms.

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