Greyia Radlkoferi 10 Seeds, Woolly Or Natal Bottlebrush South African Shrub Or Small Tree

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Greyia Radlkoferi
Also known as: The Woolly, Natal Bottlebrush, or Transvaal Bottlebrush

The dense clusters of deep scarlet flowers of this shrub or small tree will surely become that attractive focal point in any landscape setting. Growing to only about 6'-12' in height, it works great for those with less space and is also suitable for bonsai. Individual flowers are about 20mm long and are born on the end of the twisted or snarled branches. The bark is smooth and yellowish when young and turns grey with age. The leaves are oval to heart shaped, coarsely toothed and feel like velvet. It is a deciduous plant, which means the leaves will appear after flowering. USDA zones 9a-11.
Native to South Africa.

This offer is for 10 small seeds.