Pithecellobium Dulce Tree 15 Seeds, Manila Tamarind, Madras Thorn, or Camachile

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Pithecellobium Dulce
Also known as: Manila Tamarind, Madras Thorn, or Camachile

Here is a species of flowering trees in the pea family, Fabaceae, that is native to the Pacific Coast and adjacent highlands of Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. It can reach a height of about 20-30', sometimes up to 50'. Its trunk is spiny and its leaves are bipinnate. Semi-evergreen, with new leaves quickly replacing old ones as they drop, once a year. In the Spring, flowers attract honeybees and are greenish-white, fragrant frizzy puffballs, 1/2" across. The flowers will then produce a pod, which turns pink when ripe and open to expose the seeds within a pink/white, sweet edible pulp. This flesh can be eaten raw, boiled or made into a refreshing beverage that some say tastes like lemonade. The seeds can be eaten raw or in curries. An oil can also be obtained from the seed. Many parts of this species have several medicinal uses as well.

It can fix atmospheric nitrogen, and grow on waste and denuded lands, so it is used to afforest and conserve poor soils. Do not use a fertilizer containing nitrogen because the roots of this plant are nitrogen fixing. It is shade intolerant when young, and drought tolerant when mature. Protect from freezing in the first three years, including using winter mulch.
USDA hardiness zones: 10-11

This offer is for 15 seeds.