Aristolochia Littoralis Vine 10 Seeds, Calico Dutchmans Pipe Flower, Elegans Attracts Garden Butterflies

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Aristolochia Littoralis Vine
Also known as: Calico Flower, Elegant Dutchman's Pipe, formerly known as Aristolochia elegans.

Here is a tropical twining evergreen vine that produces unusual flowers. It is native to South America, but has naturalized in certain tropical areas around the world as well as in Central America and the southern U. S. Each of the flowers resembles a dutchman’s pipe suspended on a thin stalk. They are creamy white densely mottled with deep purple-brown. They primarily bloom in summer and fall, but in warm climates are free flowering. Where winter hardy, it will grow to 15-20’, but can be grown smaller in containers that are overwintered indoors in greenhouses or sunrooms. In one growing season, it will grow to as much as 8’ long. Plants produce slender stems clad with alternate, simple, heart- or kidney-shaped, glossy light green leaves (to 3-4” across) that are gray-green beneath. Leaves are malodorous when bruised. The B. polydamas caterpillars love to eat and naturally help prune this vine, ultimately resulting in beautiful butterflies all over your yard!

Winter hardy to USDA Zones 9-12 where it may be grown in moist, moderately fertile, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Avoid dry soils. This vine can become somewhat weedy in warm climates. Keep soils moist during the growing season, but reduce water in winter. It also may be grown as an annual.

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