Bambusa bambos 15/100 Seeds, Giant Indian Thorny Bamboo, Bambusa arundinacea

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Bambusa bambos
Also known as: Giant Indian Thorny Bamboo
Previously named Bambusa arundinacea

One of the tallest grasses in the world, truly a beautiful giant!
A species of tropical dense clumping bamboo native to southern Asia. It is a fast growing perennial Poaceae. It grows in erect clumps up to 20-35 m high. It is thick walled, with a diameter of up to 25 cm. There are 1-3 spines at each branch node. Leaves are thin, linear, up to 20 cm long. Its wood is hard and is cultivated for building, paper, furniture, scaffolding, and many other carpentry projects. May be used for reforestation and stabilization of eroding banks. It is often planted as wind-breaks and is recommended in agroforestry.

The leaves can be used as fodder while shoots can be considered as vegetables and prepared to make food. The seeds are edible and used in times of scarcity of food. The shoot shells, a by-product of the industrial processing of canned bamboo shoots, are available as both fresh and boiled material. Young shoots are poisonous if not cooked. A substance called Bamboo Milk can be obtained from the culms which is said to be both a stimulant and an aphrodisiac.

Although it thrives in tropical to subtropical climates and is best grown in warm humid temperate areas, it can be easily grown as a pot plant or for impressive summer bedding. 
It will grow best under frost-free conditions. USDA zone: 9b. It prefers rich to medium fertile soils with good water supply.

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