Beaumontia Grandiflora Vine 10 Seeds, Fragrant Easter Lily, Evergreen Heralds Trumpet, Garden Flowers

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Beaumontia Grandiflora Vine
Also known as: The Easter Lily or Heralds Trumpet

Beaumontia is a genus of 9 species of evergreen woody vines from the East Indies and Asia. Pictures cannot even begin to describe how beautiful a mature Beaumontia is in full bloom. In late spring to early fall appear the terminal clusters of large (3-6 inch long by 4 inches wide) fragrant white flowers that are trumpet-shaped and resemble an Easter Lily. A vigorous climber that can reach to 30 feet tall or more and as wide if a strong support is available. If support is not an option, it can grow into a large shrub. Very large lush tropical leaves can reach 9 inches long and are a glossy green color with prominent veins and new growth has attractive brownish hairs. It can be potted but will not bloom as well as it would if it were planted in the ground and allowed to get of good size. It prefers full sun to partial sun, moderate water requirements, and well draining soil.
It can tolerate a light frost for short periods but it is better to protect it if the temperature goes below freezing.

This offer is for 10 seeds.