Dendrocalamus Longispathus 25 Seeds, Clumping Edible Bamboo

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Dendrocalamus longispathus

Here is an evergreen, clump-forming, long-sheath bamboo producing culms usually 10 - 20 meters tall. The culms are 6 - 12cm in diameter, with internodes 25 - 60cm long and a wall 12mm thick. A very ornamental plant, and is often grown in gardens. It is native to Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Thailand. It has now become an exotic species all over South Asia. Also distributed in India (Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur and Bihar).

It is an edible bamboo species, and the young shoots are sold in the markets of North East India. Its considered an important bamboo species widely used in rural household construction. It is also useful in thatching, basket making, fuel, chicks for doors, house posts and mat making, floats for timber and rafts.

The estimated flowering cycle is 29-35 years in Burma and nearby Cox Bazar area; while towards north (North of Burma and Cox Bazar) at Chittagong, Mizoram, Sylhet and Tripura the cycle appears to be longer at around 45 years. Other reports claim the cycle can happen as early as every 20-32 years.
Grows best in full sun or light shade. Prefers a medium to heavy soil of at least moderate fertility. Prefers a pH in the range 5 - 6, tolerating 4.5 - 7.
Suitable for tropical and subtropical zones.

This offer is for 25 seeds.