Cymbopogon Martinii 100+ Seeds, Fun Fragrant Palmarosa Ginger Grass

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Cymbopogon martinii
Also known as: Palmarosa, Ginger Grass, Rosha or Motia

An important aromatic herb native to SE Asia, mainly India and is in the same genus of Lemongrass. The oil extracted from the leaves contains the active compound geraniol, is valued for its scent and for a number of traditional medicinal and household uses.

The cut herb has a delicious aroma like rose geranium and the smell just gets better the more you crush the leaves. It can be used in perfumes, potpourri, soaps and cosmetics or distilled for its essential oil. It has been shown to be an effective insect repellent when applied to stored grain and beans, an anthelmintic against nematodes, an antifungal and mosquito repellent. The oils are also used medicinally to aid in sleep and to relieve stress and tension. It has no known contraindications and is considered a non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitising essential oil.

It is a clumping perennial to several feet, that is sometimes grown as an annual. It prefers a full sun position in well drained soil and is tolerant of dry conditions once established. It will benefit from deep watering during growing season. It is tropical in nature but can be potted for those in colder regions. Trim off flower heads to encourage more leaf growth.
Very fun plant to grow!

This offer is for 100+ seeds.