Mucuna Holtonii Vine Seed, Central / South American Woody Creeper, Sea Bean

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Mucuna Holtonii
Also known as: The Chandelier Vine, Sea Bean

Beautiful and robust woody vine native to all of Central America, and the northern part of South America. The 'chandelier' cluster of two-inch-long, whitish-green flowers hang on very long peduncles. It is pollinated by bats when a triangular flower petal reflects precise sound wave signals to guide the bats to the nectar. The seeds are very large, round, and flat and have a high concentration of L-dopa (a toxic amino acid). They are extremely buoyant and well adapted for ocean dispersal, traveling from continent to continent. The thick hard coating gives them many years of viability. Mucuna is a species of plant in the bean family Fabaceae.

This offer is for 1 large seed.