Mucuna Nigricans Seed, Rare Asian Black Jade Vine, Ornamental Sea Bean

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Mucuna Nigricans
Also known as: The Black Jade Vine, Sea Bean

Here is a very vigorous, rather rare Asian beauty. It is a wooded tree creeper and during warmer weather this vine can grow 2 feet or more a week and can become large as with all the Mucuna's! Though known as the Black Jade vine, these dark violet blooms appear closely pushed together in grape like clusters, up to 30cm long and 6" in diameter. Related to the popular Red Jade Vine (Mucuna Bennettii), the Gold Jade vine (Mucuna Sloanei), and the Mucuna Pruriens among many others.

Cold tolerance is unknown to us, but grows very well here in Florida (zone 9b).
A must have for any collector of very rare extraordinary flowers!!!
Family of Fabaceae.
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This offer is for 1 large seed.