Passiflora Foetida Vine 10 Seeds, Edible Stinking Love In A Mist Passion Fruit

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Passiflora foetida
Also known as: Love In A Mist, Stinking Passion Fruit, Wild Maracuja, Wild Water Lemon, Stoneflower

Here is a beautiful evergreen Passiflora, a climbing herb with tendrils that will attract butterflies. The stems are thin and wiry, and are covered with minute sticky yellow hairs. Older stems become woody. The leaves are hairy with 3-5 pointed lobes. When crushed, these leaves give off a pungent odor that some people consider unpleasant. Young leaves and plant tips are said to be edible. Its leaves do contain cyanic acid and are thought to be poisonous to people and livestock. Though dry leaves are used in tea in Vietnamese folk medicine to relieve sleeping problems, as well as treatment for itching and coughs. The flowers are white to pale cream colored, and about 5–6 cm diameter. The fruit is 2–3 cm in diameter, roughly the size of a ping pong ball or kumquat and contain a bluish-white pulp that is mildly sweet and delicately flavored. They are yellowish-orange to red when ripe.

It is common along roadsides, around houses and sheds, along fences and in waste areas throughout the tropics and subtropics. The plant grows best where there is support (such as taller plants), in the absence of which it may form mats over the ground and other low-growing plants. The plant grows on a wide range of warm and moist soils from peats through loams to sands, as well as on soils derived from corals and volcanic debris. In permanently moist soils it may exhibit an annual or a perennial life cycle, whilst in areas with a strong dry season it is more likely to exist as an annual. Seeds can be dormant and many report higher germination 2 months after sowing, and can survive in soil for several years.
USDA zone 8+

This offer is for 10 seeds.