Passiflora Subpeltata Vine 10 Seeds, White Passion Flower Fruit Granadina

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Passiflora subpeltata
Also known as: white passion flower, Granadina

Here we have a very charming evergreen climber native to Mexico, Central America (i.e. Guatemala and Panama) and tropical South America (i.e. Venezuela and Colombia). Introduced as a garden ornamental and now common in many other areas.
Flowering occurs during spring and summer. Its large white flowers (4-5.5 cm across) are borne singly in the leaf forks. It has hairless leaves with three rounded lobes and tendrils are produced at the bases of the alternately arranged leaves. Attracts butterflies, bees, and various birds. It is a vigorous and slender climber and can reach 10 feet high. Pruning is a must to keep the vine healthy and to promote flowering.

The fruit are pale green to bluish-green or yellowish when mature. These fruit are leathery berries (about 4 cm long) that are egg-shaped to almost round. It contains cyanic acid and is thought to be poisonous to humans and livestock if eaten in sufficient quantities.
**Unlike many other passionfruit species, its fruit are not edible.
It loves the warm humid Tropics in full sun or partial shade. It will do best in a loam based mix with a little peat moss. You may need to water plants on a daily basis during the hottest Summer months. Outdoors it can be grown as a annual in colder regions and a perennial in warmer regions. Protect from frost and plant in frost free areas or it can be kept as an container plant. USDA zone 9b+

This offer is for 10 seeds.