Berkheya Purpurea 15 Seeds, Purple Berkheya African Perennial Flower Plants

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Berkheya Purpurea
Also known as: Purple Berkheya

A fast-growing, long-lived South African perennial that has a long, single taproot and forms a dense clump of thistle foliage tight on the ground. The long and soft outer ray florets of the large daisy flowers, are pale to deep mauve, whereas the inner disc florets in the center are dark purple, contrasting with the delicate white pollen. It is the only purple flowered species in the genus and is pollinated by bees. The strong flower stem is produced in summer in the center of the plant, and it can stand up to a meter tall. The flowers are produced on short side branches, shooting from the top third of the main flower stem.

For healthy growth and good flowering, grow them in full sun and well-prepared beds with plenty of compost and good drainage. Once established, the plants are quite tough and can survive with less water than many other summer perennials, but for lush growth they need to have a good watering once a week in summer. Hardy in zones 6b-11.

This offer is for 15 seeds.