Felicia Heterophylla 25 Seeds, True Blue African Daisy Garden Plants Perennial Annual

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Felicia Heterophylla
Also known as: True Blue Daisy

One of the few Felicia's with entirely gorgeous sky-blue daisy flowers, in contrast to the others with yellow centers surrounded by blue/purple or white 'petals'. This pretty bushy annual is one of the spring flowers of the southwestern Cape of Africa. The foliage is lance-shaped, gray-green and nicely scented.
With a height of 20-30cm they are ideal for edging plants in the spring garden. Plant in full sun so that the flowers can open to their full potential. It is fast-growing and needs moderate water. Any soil type will work as long as good drainage is provided. They tolerate temperatures down to -7°C (USDA zone 9) and may be a perennial in warmer climates.

This offer is for 25 seeds.