Gaillardia Aristata 30 Seeds, Great Blanketflower, Wildflower Perennial Herb

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Gaillardia aristata
Also known as: Great Blanketflower, Common Gaillardia

A long-lived western native, an erect perennial wildflower herb boasting 3” dark purplish red daisy-like flower heads with yellow tips. Blooming from late spring to fall, the flowers provide continuous color in any garden or container pot. They are rich in nectar and attract many pollinators, including bees and butterflies. Birds love the seed heads. They are born atop of hairy 24-30” tall stems with 6” long dandelion-like leaves. Some Indian tribes used this species to treat wounds and settle fevers.
This species was used for a variety of purposes by Native Americans, ranging from waterproofing rawhide bags to treating mumps, tuberculosis and cancer.

Very easy to grow, heat and drought tolerant and requires little care. Thrives in full sun in average, dry to medium well-drained soils. Susceptible to root rot in poorly drained soils. Looks best in naturalistic plantings and can be used as an ornamental specimen plant or mass display in prairies and meadows. USDA zone 3+

This offer is for 30 seeds.