Globba Schomburgkii 10 Seeds, Dancing Girl Ginger, Garden Flowering Plants

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Globba Schomburgkii
Also known as: Dancing Girl Ginger, Fairy Ginger

This here is a beautiful ginger, native to E. India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and S. China. It is probably the most showy Globba species around. In parts of China it is thought that the flowers of this plant ward off evil spirits. The whimsical little flowers really do look like fairies or some other magical creatures dancing in your garden.
The long yellow arching inflorescence are constant from spring till frost followed by bulblets that fall to the ground and will sprout into new plants. The bulbils are not seeds, but are instead a form of asexual reproduction. It is winter dormant with rhizomes remaining underground till late spring when the new growth emerges as well. Individual flowers last for about 4 to 5 days and the whole inflorescence flower over a period of about a month.
They can grow to about 3 feet tall and it prefers rich, well drained soil. Keep them evenly moist during the warm months, but allow them to dry out during the winter dormancy. Partial shade to full shade is best. Zone 9, 65°F or higher.
Northerners can enjoy them too since they go completely dormant, they can be dug up and wintered indoors in a paper bag. They make great containers plants to, making it easier to protect them during the winter.
The flowers harvested with a portion of the stems makes an interesting cut-flower. Overall, a very easy plant to grow and care for that everyone should have in their collection.

This offer here is for 10 seeds.