Hebenstretia Dura Shrub 5 Seeds, Fragrant Cat's Tail, Slugwort Oddity & Rare Garden Plants

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Hebenstretia Dura
Also known as: Cat's Tail, Slugwort

Here is a South African oddity and rather rare elsewhere. Look closer and the flowers look like little white hands or white gloves with a splash of vibrant orange on the palms. It is a cheerful little shrub covered with long spikes of these tiny very aromatic white flowers. Bushy, loosely rounded, slightly spreading, upright clump 40 cm tall and 25 cm wide. A soft perennial herb of the summer rainfall grassland in the Eastern Cape and Northern Province of its native land. The small glossy evergreen ovate leaves are spread densely along the stems. They have finely serrated edges and tapering apices.

Attracts Butterflies, and suitable for containers and seaside Conditions.
Plant in well-drained soil and water well in the growing season. Vigor, resistance to disease and pests.
It is a colorful and rewarding addition to any garden.
USDA Zone: 8b-10, it has been known to survive winters in Pennsylvania.
Scrophulariaceae family.

This offer is for 5 seeds.