Hesperis Matronalis 300 Seeds, Fragrant Purple Dames Rocket Flowers

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Hesperis matronalis
Also known as: Dames Rocket

Here is a showy upright, multi-branched prolific bloomer which typically grows 2-3' tall (less frequently to 4'). Features lavender or purple colored sometimes white, 1/2" 4-petaled flowers in loose, terminal racemes which bloom in late spring. Flowers are very fragrant, particularly in the evening. Serrate, ovate to lance-shaped, dark green foliage. Native to Eurasia, but has naturalized in many areas of eastern North America as a garden escapee.

Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Best in part shade in hot summer climates. A short-lived perennial or biennial that remains in the garden for years as a result of prolific self-seeding. Prompt removal of spent flowers may encourage a second flush of blooms. Plants can become woody at the base and persist for a number of years, but are best replaced with new seedlings. Easily grown from seed. USDA zones 3-8

This offer is for approximately 300 +/- seeds.