Leonurus Artemisia Plant 50+ Seeds, Chinese Motherwort Medicinal Herb

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Leonurus Artemisia
Also known as: True Chinese Motherwort, Lion's Tail and Lion's Ear.

A herbaceous flowering plant native to Asia, including Korea and Japan, and China to Cambodia. It is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. It invigorates blood, regulates menstruation, promotes urination, and resolves toxicity to name a few uses.

Plants are a self-seeding annual or biennial, growing from taproots. The stems are upright growing to a height of 3-4 feet tall. Many white to pinkish-purple flowers bloom in July through September on single flower stalks, though in very warm climates it will flower in April through May and complete its life cycle before the peak of hot weather. Seeds generally ripen from August to September.

For medicinal use, the timing of harvest is important in order to obtain optimal concentration of the active chemical constituents. The whole plant should be harvested in late summer or early fall, when it is in full bloom, but before seeds have begun to form. The whole plant is dug up, roots are cut off, and the stems with leaves intact are dried in the sun. It can then be cut into sections for storage. The young tender plants with many leaves are best. Older plants have thick stems and fewer leaves and are not considered good quality for herbal medicine. The seeds (Chong Wei Zi) are also used in Chinese medicine.

Willing to grow in the poorest soils, plants should be thinned to eight inches. This plant is easily controlled by hoeing out seedlings that might appear where you don't want them. Plant prefers part shade to full sun, regular garden soil and plenty of water.
Family: Lamiaceae, mint family.

This offer is for 50+ seeds.