Merwilla Plumbea 10 Seeds, Scilla Natalensis, Showy South African Perennial Bulb

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Merwilla Plumbea
Previously known as: Scilla Natalensis

This is a graceful perennial bulb, and with its tall plumes of blue flowers, it is showiest of the South African genera formerly known as Scillas.
A slender raceme of bright violet-blue, or pale blue star-shaped flowers each one carried on a delicate stalk usually about 1 meter tall, making it a useful cut flower. The flowers have a honey-like scent towards evening and are visited by bees during the day. It produces a large bulb, 10 to 15 cm in diameter, covered with firm, hardened, papery brown or purplish tunics (bulb scales). A rosette of 6 to 9 broad, tapering leaves emerges from the top of the bulb in spring. The leaves are attractive in their own right, with clearly distinct veins which give them a two-tone effect, particularly when back-lit. Their color is light green with white-grey overtones, they can be entirely green, or they can have purplish coloring on the margins, at the base or at the apex of the leaf, or the underside can be partially or entirely shaded with purple. They can be completely hairless, or one or both sides can be covered in short hairs. The leaves of a well-grown plant can reach a height of 30 to 50 cm with about equal spread. 

It requires a sunny or semi-shaded position, in good, compost (humus) enriched, well-drained soil. They are relatively drought tolerant, but to grow well they require ample water in summer. It is deciduous, growing during summer and dormant in the winter. Can be considered frost hardy (-7 C / 20 F) but in severely cold climates it is probably best grown in containers which can be taken indoors during winter, or grown in a glasshouse. 

**This bulb in particular should be planted with extreme caution as in raw form it is toxic to human and animals and can be fatal if any part of it is ingested…not a bulb to plant where children or pets are going to be in close proximity. However, it is used medicinally in South Africa and is one of the most popularly traded plants for traditional medicine when prepared correctly. Further research is recommended.

This offer is for 10 seeds.