Romulea Subfistulosa 10 Seeds, A South African Bulbous Ornamental Garden Plant

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Romulea Subfistulosa

This South African bulb is easy to grow. It produces clumps of bright green, upright, slender leaves that are about 8-10" tall. Over time, the bulbs multiply to form a sizable colony. A carpet of crimson color with a contrasting yellow center with black marking. The spring-blooming flowers that have a gorgeous satin sheen are carried on stems that are shorter than the leaves. They're about 1½-2½" wide and consist of 6 petals that flare outwards at the tips and are fused at the base to form an open cup shape.

It prefers a sunny spot with good drainage. It needs a dry period after flowering, so there’s no need for water in the summer after flowering. The bulbs will rot if they're in a completely waterlogged soil for prolonged periods of time in the winter. They'll also rot in a soil that's wet in the summer during the bulb's dormant period.
USDA Hardiness Zone: 9a-11

This offer is for 10 seeds.